Rules & Regulations

Groups of more than four players are prohibited.

Golfers shall wear appropriate attire. A shirt with a collar is required for men, and any lettering on the shirt shall be no larger than the logo appearing on Club shirts. Cargo shorts, jeans, swimwear, and gym and tennis shorts are prohibited. The Club Manager and staff will enforce the dress code.

Non-member starting times are scheduled in advance on a daily basis by the Golf Shop.

The course is reserved Tuesday mornings for Ladies Golf.

Guests will receive a preferred rate when in the company of a member (up to ten rounds per season); otherwise they pay the full rate for a round of golf.

And please observe our dress code: 
We do not allow jeans, t-shirts or cargo-shorts/pants;
Hats may not be worn backwards;
Shirts must remain tucked in at all times;
Shorts must be proper length.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the club at (207) 967-2061 or email us at